What To Sell On eBay To Make Quick Side Money

Selling on eBay is easy if you know what sells. Some items will make you money, while others will make you pay out of pocket. I have been selling the following items for years to make passive income and to keep my place from getting cluttered with things I no longer need.

The following are what I have made money off of:

iPhone's Every time I decide to get a new iPhone, I put my old one on sale.

There are tons of people who willing to buy an iPhone so, I highly recommend always putting it up for bidding versus buy it now. You will get more bang for your buck this way. Also, check how much your phone is currently selling for by checking under sold items to see what your competitors are starting their bids at and how much they sold for. It will give you a rough idea of how much you will make.

Indian Clothes I purchase quite a bit of Indian clothing due to attending church everyday, religious holidays, family gatherings, and weddings all year long. On average, we attend around four weddings a year and, with every wedding, there are roughly three to four events to attend. Thankfully, I fit into my mom's clothing, but we still end up with a ton of outfits we no longer wear. Yes, I do believe in re-wearing outfits to its full extent and it helps my mom and I share clothes. However, there is only so much space In our closets. I end up selling outfits before purchasing new ones to avoid clutter and to once again offset the cost of purchasing new items.

Old Movies My family has two different streaming services: Netflix and Hotstar (for Indian movies and shows). We do not need to keep actual DVDs in the house anymore. I have sold off quite a few American movies and made money off them. So if you have a bunch of movies laying around, put them up for listing and make a couple of bucks out of them. Tip: video games and their parts ( console, controller, etc.) are also good items to sell on eBay.

Jeans Before I buy a new pair of jeans, I sell a pair. One in, one out. I try to buy quality jeans that will last me at least four years if not more. A good pair of jeans can easily sell for $20 which you could put towards your new jeans.

Purses Purse always being sold and bought on eBay. Depending on the brand and the condition of your purse you can easily make a couple of hundred dollars off of one sale. I have done this with both my Michael Kors and Kate Spade tote bags and made quick money.

Additional tips: Always write a good description. Take quality pictures. People are buying your item based on what you write in the description and by looking at the photos. Make sure both are top-notch.

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