What To Carry In Your Gym Bag

I have been going to the gym pretty regularly for the past 8 months now. I enjoy the feeling that I get after a good workout. My energy levels are high the next day and I feel accomplished. I try to hit the gym at least 3 times a week, if not every day, depending on my schedule. I recently switched over from OrangeTheory to Lifetime Fitness and have been loving it. Lifetime has lockers, a ton of amenities and places to shower right after your workout. I use to go to OrangeTheory after I got home from work, you can not miss it or try canceling your class without them charging you $12 hence, why I switched over because I like flexibility and not paying $12 every time I get stuck in traffic due to an accident, road construction, rain, etc.

The bag I use is just a normal Adidas bag. The only thing I was looking for in a gym bag was a shoe compartment. I hate my shoes touching other things so a separate shoe compartment was an absolute must. There are quite a few pockets on the inside which are handy dandy.

Headphones- An absolute must if you are working out on your own. I enjoy running at least a mile or two as a warm-up and having a good playlist is the key to it.

Snacks- Usually cliff bars or Luna lemon zesty bars to eat before or after a workout.

Makeup Wipes- To take off makeup before I workout. I can not work out with any kind of makeup on my face. I feel gross and feel like my pores are crying out from being clogged all day.

Socks, Sports bras, Shorts- Extra of everything

Flip flops- If I am heading out to an event afterward, then I take a quick shower there. I do not shower barefoot, yuck, yes Lifetime is known for it is over the top cleanness BUT STILL.

Toiletries- Face wash, toner, and moisturizer. Lifetime provides quite a few amenities including cotton balls, mouth wash, razors, free towels, etc. I only pack what I know will not be provided. The exception to that is my face wash because I am not trying to break out using normal body wash on my face. No, thank you.

Hair Ties- You can never have enough, trust me.

Water Bottle- I take my 32oz Hydroflask.

Blender Bottle- This contains the protein shake that I drink after my workouts.

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