What I Read in March 2020

I am not going to sugar coat this at all. It has been a month, y'all. I am not going to indulge in the current crisis that is happening around the world right now because I want to keep my blog informative and positive. Still, I would be a fool not to acknowledge that there is a pandemic going on, and I am bearly holding onto normalcy. So one of the ways I am keeping myself from fee falling into "omg, we are all going to die" is by transporting to a different place by reading.

Know My Name By Chanel Miller

This memoir is hands down one of the favorite ALL-TIME favorite books I have ever read. Chanel was the victim of a sexual assault committed by a Standford student. Know through her trial as Emily Doe, Chanel Miller reclaims her identity and voice through this memoir. I have a lot of "favorite" books, but this is one of those books that will take you one a rollercoaster of emotions and leave you haunted with questions, thoughts, and helplessness well after you have read it. It made me want to reach through and hug Chanel and also rage quit for all the shit she had to go through.

I highly recommend listening to this book instead of reading it. Chanel Miller herself narrates her memoir.

Bad Blood

This novel is grossly fascinating. This company had everyone buzzing when it first arrived on the scene years ago, so I was fascinated from the get-go to read what happened. How did something that sounded so promising all fall apart? It is the story about what took place at Theranos; the "Healthcare" start-up company by Elizabeth Holmes. It goes into great detail about the downfall of Elizabeth and her so-called company. It is written by a journalist who broke the news to Wall Stree journal, so it reads as a newspaper expose.

All I will say is that this book reminded me very clearly that not everyone is as they seem, do your research before you take someone's word for anything, and always trust your gut.

Miracle Morning By Hal Elrod

This novel was a re-read. I read it back in 2018 when I was just all over the place, feeling lost and felt like I had no direction. I had those same feelings last week when I officially started to work from home. How do I navigate this new normal? How do I find a new routine that works with social distancing? This book reminded me why I enjoy waking up at the time I do, what to do when I wake up and how to keep going day in and out. Its a book about establishing good morning habits to create a successful day and, in return, a successful life.

Let me know in the comments below what yall guys have been reading during quarantine time?

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