Things You Can Get Rid Of Right Now To Simplify Your Life

You immediately thought of something that you can toss when you read the title... so why not toss it?

What’s holding you back? The price? The meaning behind the gift or who gave it to you?

I’ve adapted to the minimalist lifestyle for various reasons. Things that take up space in a home will take up space in your life. Such as does it give you anxiety when you go through your linen closet, shoe collection, makeup, etc.

The following are things you can start removing from your life to make it simpler:


Have you read that magazine again? Has it been collecting dust with all the magazines you only read once when you purchased it? If you like to read magazine's you can always purchase the digital copy so you can read it anytime anywhere or get unlimited magazines through kindle unlimited on Amazon.


In the age of online streaming, there is no need to hold onto DVDs that you haven’t played in years. Instead, sell it on eBay and make some $$$$$

Mismatched Towels & Socks

Do you need a bunch of mismatched anything? Do you need more than a couple of towels for yourself and guests? Toss the outlier out.

The Lovely Junk Drawer

Toss all the wires that no longer are being used. Bolts and tools that you have multiple of. Post-it notes that have spaghetti sauce on it from god knows when and how.

Kitchen supplies

kitchenware you only use every ten years or are only keeping because it was a wedding gift from your dearest friend. Mismatched spoons, cups, plates, towels, etc.

I highly recommend starting small and building momentum. Some things may be easier to part with than others and, that’s okay. You don't have to get rid of everything in one day, or even in a couple of days. The whole point is acknowledging you may or may not have things around the house that you no longer need and need to donate, trash, or reuse. It will make your life easier and cause a little less stress opening the drawer that was once filled to the brim with stuff you only used once.

Also, a really good website for reading more about becoming a minimalist is, The Minimalists Podcast! They have awsome tips and an amazing podcast you can listen to for more information.

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