The Ultimate Packing List For The Grand Canyon National Park For Every Season

This past week for spring break, I had the opportunity through my college, to visit the Grand Canyon National Park in Arizona. It was my first time to visit the National Park. So other than the fact I knew I was staying in a cabin and that the weather forecast predicted a high of 50 all week, I had no idea how to pack for it. I packed and repacked because I knew I didn’t want to take a lot with me, but I didn’t want to be underprepared. Thankfully I was prepared for the cold since I checked the weather forecast beforehand.

Fun Fact: There was a snow blizzard while I was there.

Use your discretion when packing. I packed for both the cold and warm weather, so you may or may not need to pack jackets/gloves/head warmers, etc. depending on when you plan on visiting.

Below is everything I took with me for a week at the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park:


  • Four pairs of leggings

  • One faux fur legging

  • Three athletic pairs- Brings leggings that you are okay with getting dirty, especially if you plan on hiking

  • 10 T-Shirts

  • Four long sleeves

  • 10 pairs of panties- Always pack extra

  • 3 bras

  • Two sports bras

  • One T-shirt bra

  • Two Jackets- A windbreaker and a down jacket

  • Gloves

  • Head warmer

  • Socks

  • Four wool socks

  • 6 athletic socks

  • 1 fuzzy sock to wear around the cabin

  • Pajamas

  • Chaco’s- If you don’t have sandals that’s okay, I doubled my Chaco’s as shower shoes. Flip flops will work just as well.

  • Tennis shoes- I do not own hiking shoes so I wore my regular Nike running shoes. If you do own a pair of hiking shoes then I would definitely take those.


  • Hydro flasks-if there is anything on this list that you absolutely must have then it is this water bottle. It is one of the best investments I have made this past year. The ice does not melt for 24hours and keeps your water cool for 48 hours. It is a lifesaver, especially when you live in Texas and the temperature reaches 105 or when you travel to the National Park.

  • Wet wipes- There is no bathroom on some of the trails in the canyon, except on the Bright Angel Trail, so having these on hand is a must.

  • Sunscreen- I bought a foundation that had 50 SPF by IT Cosmetics that did a really good job. You are 7,000 feet above sea level at the south rim so a good sunscreen with high SPF is needed.

  • Hat

  • Snacks- salty snacks are highly recommended

  • Headphones

  • GermX

  • Portable charger

Personal Toiletries

  • Face wash

  • Face moistures- The air is drier so having good moistures on hand will keep your face from feeling rubbery

  • Body wash

  • Shampoo/conditioner

  • Towel

  • Hand towel

  • Hair comb

  • Toothpaste/ Toothbrush

  • Razor

  • Dry shampoo

  • Deodorant

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