Texas Tech University Senior Grad Pictures

I had my senior photos taken this past weekend. I still can not believe that I am about to write about my SENIOR PHOTOS. I don't know when it will hit me that I have exactly one month left until graduation, and my time here in Lubbock is limited now. Maybe when I start working, or when I move to a different city and have to start adulting. I remember my freshman year thinking that senior year is so far away. Now it feels like time is slipping right through my hands.

How I chose what to wear:

I knew I wanted to wear my school colors which are red, white and black. I was at JCrew when I spotted this white and black striped dress (it had pockets!!). I knew from the moment I put it on that it was going to be the one. The second outfit I choose was the most like me. Jeans, blouse and my favorite pair of black flats. I wanted it to be comfy and casual yet nice enough to stand out in photos.

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