My Favorite Books of 2019

My nightstand is stacked with books that I’m either currently reading or have read. The books that I have read and stay on that nightstand, are those that have made an impact on my life in some way or another. These are the books that I rave about frequently with my friends and family. The books that I refer back to and have marked all over the pages. These are my all-time favorite books of 2019.

Complaint Free World By Will Bowen

This novel was one that I saw online and thought I would not enjoy at all but bought anyway because I saw all the fantastic reviews. I did not think I complained that much, but by the time I finished this novel, I realized I was complaining a lot. I was complaining about the little things, sayings offensive things here and there and just being negative even when I thought I wasn't. Everyone thinks they don't complain too much until you start using the technique shown in this book to count your complaints throughout the day. It is incredible how much you begin to hear and see when you no longer can speak negatively.

Simply put, if you have nothing nice to say, keep your mouth shut.

Becoming By Michelle Obama

I do not think there is a person who does not know who Michelle Obama is. Regardless of what your political views are, I believe this book is a good read for every age and gender. Her journey is awe-inspiring and motivating. There were parts of her books that hit home a little too close, and I think that's what made me fall in love with over and over again. Knowing that Michelle Obama was a normal girl and went through some of the same struggles that we did and still do as women of color.

Miracle Mornings By Hal Elrod

Before reading this novel, I was not a morning person unless I had somewhere to be. I liked to sleep in and stay in bed until I had an excuse to get out of bed, such as I need to shower or attend class at 11. When I read this novel, I realized how much of my life I was wasting away. Time is precious, and sometimes I think with everything going around us that we forget how time does not stop for anyone or anything. It keeps going. It is up to us to use it wisely and take advantage of it. This book shows you why AND how to become a morning person. The five S.A.V.E.R.S do work, and I highly suggest anyone interested in reclaiming their days to read this book and get started on the S.A.V.E.R.S.

How To Be A Badass By Jen Sincero

This book is hands down my favorite self-help novel I have ever read. I was at crossroads in my life when I read this, and this book was a breath of fresh air. It helped me mend some of my closest friendships, help me grow my self-awareness, and make me focus on things that truly mattered. This book is also what got me obsessed with reading nonfiction novels, specifically self-help novels.

Fun fact: for senior wills in our sorority I gifted this book to 6 of my closest and dearest friends. I wrote their letter on the inside of the book and made notes throughout the book that I thought were useful to each person. At the end of the book, I wrote each one personalized affirmation. Affirmations they can read and know that someone believes in them from afar.

You Are A Badass At Making Money By Jen Sincero

This book is written by the same author above, and it is just as good as "How To Be A Badass." This novel is about how to conquer and make money in your life. This book is so abused by the many times I have referred back to it. It is ridiculous. I highly recommend this book for those who are looking for motivation, inspiration, and a book that literally will push you to change your perspective about money.

These are my favorite books, and yes they are mostly self-help books. Therapy is expensive, and books cost less and are easy to refer back to I have read all of these books multiple times and continue finding inspiration from them.

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