My 2019 Goals

Every year I set out goals for myself and, this year I am sharing some of my bigger ones here today.

Getting accepted into Graduate school

One of my biggest goals this year is to get accepted into graduate school for social work. I plan on getting my masters in clinical social work and, have already started the application process to various schools across the south and northeast coast.

Working out consistently

This goal has always been difficult for me for some reason. My brother and I made a pact to go to the gym every morning before his school starts at least three times during the weekdays. It has been working out so far, maybe because I have an accountability partner who refuses to miss his bodybuilding days. I started this goal before the new years even came around to start getting into the groove. Hopefully, by the end of this year, I have reached a healthier version of myself.


This is something I’m truly looking forward to. It is not a secret in my household that I did not inherit my mother's amazing cooking skills. I don't think it will be too hard. I have bought a couple of vegetarian cookbooks and have been watching how and what my mother cooks consistently now. I am excited to learn how to make traditional Punjabi food.

Read 30 books

Last year I set a goal of a minimum of 24 books to read and, this year I am setting it at a minimum of 30. I fell off of reading for pleasure when I was in college, and last year I told myself I will read more for fun. This year I am telling my self the same thing plus to read to learn something new. I am currently interested in stocks and investing, so I am looking forward to learning more about the finance world.

Listen To More Podcast

I have recently discovered the world of podcasts more, specifically the minimal podcast. Now that I have been out of school for a couple of months I still want to keep learning and expand my knowledge. I want to use my time to commute to places more productively.

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