Morning Routine for Young Adults

I enjoy the quietness and the stillness that the mornings bring. As I have gotten older, I have learned to appreciate the art of being still. Being still, in a world, where everything is constantly moving. The mornings give me a chance to start afresh and start checking off my personal habit list. The first two hours of my days are packed to the minute. I have multiple alarms, that let me know when to start the next task when to leave when to take a break etc.

So without rambling any further, here is a quick breakdown of my first two hours of the day:

5:30 am- Wake up- Walk over to my closet to pick up my phone to turn off the alarm. I keep the phone in the closet for a reason, to force my self to get out of bed and walk to the furthest part of my room, which happens to be my closet to turn off the annoying alarm.

5:35-45 am- 10-minute meditation. Instead of thinking about the million and ten things I have to do that day or worry about any kind of work-related subject, I meditate first thing in the mornings. I use the Ten-Percent app for guided meditations.

5:45- 6:10 am- Spend 20 minutes showering. I brush my teeth in the shower. I do not wash my hair in the mornings, ever. I have a nighttime routine as well, and washing my hair is included in that.

6:10-6:30 am- Get ready, do my skincare routine, grab my already packed lunch, make coffee and leave. I have all my outfits picked out for the week on Sunday night. I will only differ from the planned outfit if the weather changes overnight. I wear minimal jewelry which always consists of either a gold or silver watch, my kara (an article of faith as a Sikh), and earnings. I wear the same black flats every day to work. I only wear heels when I need to attend a meeting or know I have to be somewhere after work.

6:30 - 7:40 am- It takes me a little over an hour to get to work in the mornings unless its Friday then it only takes 40 minutes. During my drive, I listen to podcasts and audiobooks. I start work at 8 so the next 20 minutes are spent setting myself up for the day. Going over my list of tasks I need to complete that day and checking on ongoing projects.

There you have it, the first two hours of my day. A good routine is great to have if you want to have a productive morning. There may be some mornings where I am dog tired or sick and may deviate from the above routine but 90% of the time I stick to it. I also like have minimal things to worry about, hence always black flats, sentimental and good quality jewelry. Having a minimalistic closet has cut out a lot of unnecessary thinking in the mornings because everything I own now is pieces I love to wear.

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