Life-Changing Habits To Form In Your 20's

About a year ago, I came across a book called Atomic Habits and realized that I am a product of my daily habits. Keeping good habits can be hard but, worth it if you are trying to rebuild and/or reform your life. Honestly, some of my habits are straightforward and common sense. My problem was that I use to forget sometimes to do the task, or just get lazy about it. Now, I no longer even think about them, because I have integrated them so seamlessly into my life.

Personal Habits: 1. Making The Bed Every single day. I make my bed as soon as my feet land on the floor. No, I did not grow up making my bed every single day during my childhood. I just started about 435 days ago (yes, I have a habit tracker that lets me know how many days in a row I have done this task) so, a little over a year. I was inspired by a book called "Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life... And Maybe the World" by William McRaven.

2. Meditation Every single night. I fall asleep listening to meditations. I use to have a hard time falling asleep because I would run through a million and one scenarios, ideas, and thoughts. Listening to mediation at night helps me focus, calm down, and fall into a deep sleep. The app I use is called "10 Percent" and has a bunch of other meditations that you can listen to throughout the day. Some of my favorites are "1 minute to sanity", "I don't want to meditate", you are not alone", and "mindful walking".

3. Dental Hygiene Take care over yalls teeth. There's only one of them each, once gone hello fake teeth. For real though, it's so important to take care of your teeth because, instead of shelling out thousands of dollars for a root canal, crowns, fillings, and surgeries, you can spend a couple of dollars a year taking care of them.

My routine:

  • Brushing my teeth for 2 minutes- 2x a day

  • Listerine wash- 2x a day

  • Act wash- 2x a day

  • Flossing every single night- A habit that was the hardest for me to build

  • Dental cleaning- 4x a year

4. Exercising Yes, I know all about the benefits of staying healthy and fit, but quite frankly I do not exercise to maintain a certain weight on the scale. I do it for purely selfish reasons. Exercising is one of the best ways, besides meditating, to handle my anxiety. I am by no means a professional runner or athlete but, I do carve out the time every single day to work out because it makes me feel good overall, mentally, and emotionally.

When starting to build an exercise habit, I would keep my expectations low. Do not think you're going to become an overnight athlete. If you miss a day, go the next day. Just be consistent and eventually you will want to go workout because of how good you feel afterward. If it means walking a mile every day on the treadmill, then do it. If it means lifting weights every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, then do it. Just keep at it. When I started working out, my goal was to be a runner, lolllolll yeah no, I spent months at building stamina and strength to finally reach a point where I can run two miles without feeling like I'm about to pass out and puke.

5. Reading It does not have to be an actual novel, read anything that interests you. It could be the annual report Apple release about its stock. If your having a hard time getting started then I would just set a timer for a minute, and read for 5 minutes. You will realize how quickly time passes. If you do not know something, want to get better at something, learn something new... reading about that topic is a good start :)

6. Washing My Face 2x A Day Guys, wash that dirt off your face. Washing my face is a step I never skip because its the start of my habit stacking.

The following is a short version of my routine:

  1. Wash my face

  2. Brush my teeth

  3. Wipe my face with a toner

  4. Put my moisturizer on

  5. Location on my arms and hands

7. Vitamins Pretty self-explanatory, make sure you are getting all the nutrients you need. I am vegetarian, have been since I was 16 and, taking vitamin pills is my way of making sure I am getting all the nutrients.

Financial Habits: 1. Automating Savings I do not want to harp on how important it is to have a buffer account aka a savings account but, guys its one of the best things you can do for yourself financially. I have two different savings account. One is for emergencies such as getting tires replaced, the other is for my immediate goals and dreams.

2. Automating Investing After savings, it's investing. I have a set amount that gets pulled from my paycheck for investing purposes the following are the 4 different accounts I divided my money in, 401K, Roth 401k, IRA, and Roth IRA.

Look, but do NOT touch these accounts. If you need the money, put them in high yield savings account not an investment account.

Also, before investing in anything, do your research. Disclaimer: I am not a personal finance professional.

3. Living Below My Means

In general, I have never been one to buy stuff just because I want it, maybe because I hate clutter so I always end up thinking where will this end up before anything else. I am aware of where I want to be 5 years from, 10 years from now, and even 30 years down the road and all of it requires me to stay conscious of what my goals are, what they are going to cost me, and how I can reach them without going into debt. Hence, living below my means.

What are some habits you practice?

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