How To Build A Lifelong Reading Habit

I joke all the time that if I could, I would spend all my time in bed with a book. For as long as I can remember, reading has been my favorite way to escape reality. I do not think I read a lot but, I do make sure that I read at least a couple of pages of a book a day. It can either be a book I have already read or something new, it does not matter. A good book can make you feel so many emotions and teach you valuable lessons. I believe in the power of reading good novels and, while growing up it helped me build my vocabulary.

Always Have A Book Ready To Go

I make sure to always have a few different books in all formats. That could mean its an e-book, audible, or a physical book. This way if I am waiting in the doctor's office or picking my sister up from school, I can squeeze in a couple of minutes of reading while waiting. I use Libby to source free e-book and audiobooks. If the book I want to read isn't available I purchase it as a kindle ebook or an audible.

Read Every Day

I am committed to reading every day, even if its just a couple of pages at night. Even if its a paragraph or a sentence, I read. Building the habit is what going to help keep the momentum.

Listening to Audibles

I commute an hour to and from work every weekday. I have learned to fill that time up by listening to my favorite podcast and audibles. I now only listen to music when I am working out. You do not need to get an audible subscription, I do have one, however, I only purchase books that I can not checkout from my Libby app. Libby is one of my favorite ways to check out books from my local library since all you have to do is have a library card and connect it through that app and ta-da, millions of books at your fingertips.

Pick Books You Actually Want To Read

As you get older, you may realize you no longer are interested in fiction novels, paranormal romance, biographies, etc. That's normal. I went from hating fiction books to being obsessed with them in my early 20's. Especially self-improvement books. Do not force yourself to read a book that you have no interest in. You are going to find reading becoming a chore and that's not what you want.

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