How The American Express Platinum Credit Card Saved Us $500 In One Day!

I am a credit card fan. I know the importance of good credit, but I mainly use mine credit cards for traveling. I like the travel perks, being able to travel far and wide with my family with little to no cost out of pocket. One of my favorite travel rewards credit card is the American Express Platinum credit card. It comes with a plethora benefits, including $100 credit for Saks, $200 Uber credit and more. The one we use on the regular however is the airport lounge access. Being a family of five this is the one benefit that we all love, access to a quite place from all the hustle an bustle of an airport, free food and drinks, free wifi, clean bathrooms, a place to shower etc.

So, after a week of visiting Niagara Falls and Toronto in the summer, it was time to head home. Instead of arriving home at 3 pm, we arrived 12 hours later at 3 am. Our flight had been delayed, at Toronto airport so, we missed our connecting flight in Minneapolis. After being on the phone for literally two hours with American Airline's concierge, we were able to book a flight from Minneapolis to Dallas and then Dallas to Houston.

So, in other words, we were basically at an airport all day on Sunday.

Being a family of 5, we knew to go into our vacation that food was going to be our biggest expense. So we were prepared and took the credit cards that allowed us to gain lounge access and earn extra points for eating out.

In Toronto, before the whole delay spiral began, we were able to enjoy the premium lounge and have breakfast. The lounge itself was small and, the food was eh okay. There was barely anything to eat, but we all enjoyed the coffee. That lounge itself saved us at least $75 considering how much Starbucks cost for just one water bottle, coffee, and a muffin.

When we got to Minneapolis and realized we will be there for a, while we decided to lounge in the Escape Lounge. This lounge was small but beautiful, quiet, and close to our gates. The food was delicious, especially the mushroom soup. All five of us ate our lunch, which saved us around $200. We were there for a while, so snacks, drinks, and food were available throughout.

And then finally we arrived in Dallas. We had access to the Centurian lounge and had dinner. The Centurian lounges are one of the nicest airport lounges that we have visited over the years, the food, the atmosphere, and drinks are on point every single time. Having dinner and drinks here saved us close to $250. If you have access to these lounges then, I highly suggest getting to the airport a little early to visit and grab some free food while at it.

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