Email Sample- Reaching Out To Mentor For The First Time

I decided a couple of weeks ago to sign up for the mentorship program at my grad school. I was timid about it initially because I had no idea what to expect, and one of the biggest problems I always encounter is what to write in my emails. Being a first-gen grad student, I deal with this quite often. What do I write that is professional, sweet, and to the point?

My program introduced us initially and told me to reach out to my mentor and set up a time to meet. After scouring the internet and asking friends and family, this is how I responded.

Hi Professor XXX,

I second Mrs. XXX, thank you for serving in the mentorship program, and I look forward to talking to you. Are you free to speak later this week? My afternoons are generally open after two.

I look forward to talking soon.


Gabby Chamdal

The email thanks the person for signing up to be a mentor, asks them when they are available while also mentioning when I am available. Short and sweet.

I hope this short template helps all the first-generation students and any student signing up for mentorship programs and needs a little help.

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