Books I read in June 2020

Reading is one of my all-time favorite hobbies and the best way I know how to relax. When my mind is running a million miles in every direction, I have learned to pick up a book to calm it down and focus on one thing, reading the novel, line for line. My favorite kind of novels to read is non-fiction but, I am guilty of loving cliche romance novels especially paranormal romance novels.

Unwritten rules & Unwritten rules #2 by Eliah Greenwood

I have had my eyes on this series for a hot minute now. I finally purchased the two novels this past week. This is not a novel you read for knowledge, it is for light-hearted reading. So, if you are looking for a gut-wrenching, life-changing novel this isn't it. This book is not slow, but it has some eye-rolling like dude come on and get on with the story moments. Its a cliche high school romance, bad boy and good girl, messed-up families, falling in love quickly, etc. Overall, it's not bad, you can read it in a day, so a great book to take to the beach.

Quiet by Susan Cain Oh man, Oh, man. This book hits home. This is the best book I have read in a very very long time. I don't know why it took me forever to finally read this book since it's been on my TBR list for a while now. I am glad I did though, its one of the books that stays with you for weeks if not for a lifetime with you. I think teachers, parents, and peers all need to read this book. It will help you understand, communicate, and process how introverts think/work/life, etc. Quiet made me realize that it is okay to be an introvert. Even though society celebrates and even promotes extroverts, introverts are needed and should be celebrated.

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