Email Sample-Asking For More Financial Aid Due To The Coronavirus

It is no secret that colleges are expensive as hell, astronomically overpriced, and the reason why people graduate with debt and spend a lifetime paying off. I grew up with the mentality that consumer and college debt is not good. It will keep me behind in life and will not let me pursue my other ambitious goals in life.

I graduated undergrad debt-free due to many factors, but mostly because of the grants and scholarships that I received, and I knew going back to grad school, I wanted to graduate debt-free as well. In my email, I explained why I am asking for additional funding and did not lie about it. For the love of God, do not lie about your financial situation. The colleges do ask for proof and paperwork so, make sure you have that ready to prove your claims.

The worst that can happen is that they will say No. But you will never know unless you try.

The following is what I sent to my university asking for additional financial assistance for this upcoming year:

Dear Financial Aid Administrator,

I am writing to ask you if the financial aid office or other departments at XXXX University offer additional aid or resources to students facing financial emergencies. Our family income has decreased significantly in the last six months. My personal income has decreased due to taking a pay cut back in March right when this virus was catching on in the states. Both my parents are immunocompromised, dad has diabetes and mom has leukemia. They both have been working fewer hours and have taken a significant pay cut to minimize their exposure to the virus.

If there is an official financial aid form or process in place, please let me know and I will pursue it. I would greatly appreciate a follow-up email regarding:

  • Other deadlines, forms, next steps and/or requirements

  • Other resources or scholarship still available and who to contact to pursue those options

  • Timeline for processing and receiving a decision

  • What to expect after a decision

I welcome any support the financial aid office can offer. Thanks in advance for your consideration.


Gabby Chamdal I heard back from my college within 24 hours, was directed to two different departments where money was available and I was able to get more money. All It Takes is a little bit of courage and explaining, and you may also land a couple more thousands of dollars in aid this year.

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