Adulting No. 1- Back To Work Full Time In Texas

Y'all, I do not know how I feel about being back at work full time. I live here in the great state of Texas, and as of right now, the COVID cases are rising every single day. There is that slight fear of, is ev

Disclaimer: This is not me saying boo hoo, I want yall to feel sorry for me it is just me sharing my concerns and the steps I am taking to keep myself and those around safe. I live with my parents who have leukemia and diabetes, so its imperative that I take measured steps to keep them safe.

I am very thankful for my healthy family, friends, and having a full-time job.

So the following is what I am doing differently now to prevent the spread of germs and proactively be mindful that just because I am young and may or may not catch the virus does not mean that I can't spread it.

Keeping hand Sanitizer Readily Available At my desk, in my car and my work bag. I have one on me no matter where I am. Especially when I fill up my gas or go to the grocery store.

Washing My Hands I've always been pretty good about washing my hands before I eat, but now I wash them once I enter the building, before I touch anything in the break room and before I leave for the day. Once I get in my car, I use hand sanitizer.

Only Wear Once Rule I have separated my closet into two sections, clothes that can easily be washed, and the other half are clothes that can not be washed often. The reason being, I only wear clothes to work that can be washed repeatedly without losing its quality. It because, when I come home, I immediately take a shower, and the clothes in a hamper, I do NOT wear that outfit again.

Not Talking To My Co-worker's Part of the reason why I love where I work is due to the people I work with. They are fun, outgoing, ambitious individuals that I enjoy spending time with. However, instead of walking over to their desk and asking them XYZ, I will either shoot them a Team's ping or email. Less chit chat in the break rooms, and if I do need to converse with them then, I wear a mask before talking.

Masks Same as the hand sanitizers, I keep these readily available for me grab and wear. I wear it on the elevator, in the break rooms, anytime I go shopping for groceries, basically, anytime I know I may come in contact with another person.

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