5 Biggest Misconception Sorority Girls Face

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What is a sorority? I thought I knew, and I bet you think you do too. I was definitely a lost duckling when it came to recruitment. Nobody on either side of my family went through recruitment, let alone know what in GOD name a sorority was. The reason why I signed up to go through the process was because my best friend was going through it at a different school, and I was like "mhmm I need to make friends because moving 8 hours away from home is going to make me homesick real quick." I don't ever regret joining a sorority, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made. So here is to address all the nasty rumors, and the disrespectful comments people throw at us on a daily basis. Because we obviously aren't humans like everyone else?

1.We Pay For Friends The number of times I have heard someone tell me, "I don't want to join a sorority because I don't want to pay for friends." I would have enough money to buy chipotle three times a day for the next two years. I never understood why someone would assume that. It is one of the most common misconceptions out there, and let me tell ya something. We have dues, and yes they are not cheap. However, that money goes towards:

  • Semi-formals

  • Mixers

  • Philanthropy events

  • Room and board

  • Chapter dinners

  • Homecoming

2.We Judge You If Your Not Pat of Greek Life

Just because I decided to join a sorority, does NOT mean I look down upon anyone who didn't. I totally understand the many reasons why girls don't join. I have never heard any sorority girl talk rudely about a girl who didn't go Greek. We all have friends outside of our sorority. We are all involved in different organizations across the campus. There has never been a need for us to talk down upon someone who's not Greek, and there never will be one. We literally all just want the same thing: pass college with flying colors and hopefully land a job right after.

3.We Are All The Same

I did not know that all 200+ girls in one sorority look the same, act the same, are all girly girls, and wear Lilly Pulitzer head to toe? In all seriousness, the reason why I decided to join my sorority was because of its diversity. Being a brown girl, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I signed up to go through recruitment my freshman year. I am beyond thankful that I chose to be in a chapter that has all types of girls from all walks of life. We have them all from your tall, skinny, chubby, short, white, brown, rich, poor, legacies, non-legacies etc. We do not look like clones of each other, trust me. That's just weird, and highly creepy.

4.We Party All Day Everyday

Yes, because we have nothing better to do. We just spend daddy's credit card and buy booze to get drunk at every chance that we get... LOLL

Don't get me wrong, some sorority women like to go out, but that does not mean we all do. I know my friends and I rather stay in and watch Netflix with our sweatpants on, with a pizza box in our lap. We are more than just partiers, we participate in our community, keep our grades up, go to sisterhood events, work, attend church and so much more.

5.We Are Not Smart

This one cracks me up. Heres a little fun fact for every judgmental individual out there: we cut girls if they do not make our GPA requirement, and you will get kicked out of a sorority if you don't maintain a certain GPA. School comes first. That has always been the motto for our chapter and Panhellenic community. Parents are always afraid that our grades will suffer, but that's far from the truth. It reality it helps us, you will always find at least one girl in your chapter that's either in your class or has taken the class before to get advice, notes, previous tests, study buddy etc.

We wear our letters with pride, and alway will. We are intelligent women who are involved in the community, and our known for more than just our looks. We work hard to raise money for philanthropies, and overcoming the medias protryal of what a sorority women is.

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