35 Questions PNM Should Ask During Sorority Recruitment

I remember going through recruitment and thinking, "what kind of questions can I ask them?" It's no secret that going through recruitment is stressful and can drain the life out of you. Being in a sorority for four years, and having gone through recruitment 3 times from the inside, I complied a list of the most common question girls ask us. Sometimes the questions are very generic, and sometimes they are very personal. So take a screenshot of this page, or save it on your phone and refer back to it during the week, when you feel like you need questions to fall back on, just in case.

Texas Tech University ADPi Formal Recruitment

  1. What do you love about your sorority?

  2. Why did you join this sorority?

  3. What is your favorite event y’all hold every year?

  4. What events do y’all put on every year?

  5. Are you involved in any other organizations, if so what are they?

  6. Is it hard to be in a sorority and be involved in other organizations?

  7. What is the best part about being in this sorority?

  8. How has your sorority changed you?

  9. What is your sorority’s philanthropy?

  10. What events/fundraisers do yall do for yalls philanthropy?

  11. How much are the sorority dues per semester?

  12. Is there a payment plan or do we have to pay all at once?

  13. What makes your sorority unique?

  14. How does big/little work?

  15. How do y’all decide big/little?

  16. What was it like when you got your big?

  17. Do you have a big/little reveal?

  18. Do y’all plan sisterhood events? If so, what are some of your favorites?

  19. Does your chapter keep in touch with alumnae?

  20. What was your favorite social and why?

  21. What is y’alls academic program like?

  22. Do y’all have a certain GPA requirement that pledges have to meet each semester?

  23. Are yall required to have a certain amount of study hours?

  24. Do y’all have a specific place for studying? Such as the house, school library, Starbucks, etc.?

  25. How do you balance your time between academics, school, social life, and sorority events?

  26. What are some of the traditions of the university that you have participated in?

  27. What is one thing you wish you knew before you joined a sorority?

  28. What is your favorite room in the house and why?

  29. Why did you choose this university?

  30. Why did you choose to go through recruitment?

  31. Tell me about your new member program

  32. What qualities are common among the members?

  33. What are the opportunities for leadership positions in the organization?

  34. At what time can you run for an office?

  35. What is the most memorable event you have participated in?

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