30 Most Asked Questions by Recruiters During Sorority Recruitment

Oh, Rush. Recruitment season is upon us and we are all stressing out about what to say, and do and making sure we look perfect the entire time while being stressed the entire time. Recruitment is stressful and today I am going to share the list that I kept on me sane during the first two days of recruitment. The questions I fell back on and asked the PNM's when there was an awkward pause in the conversation, etc.

Texas Tech University's ADPi Bid Day

  1. Where are you from?

  2. What’s your major?

  3. What do you plan on doing with your major?

  4. Are you a freshman, sophomore…?

  5. What made you come to (insert your college)?

  6. Tell me about your family?

  7. Do you have any siblings?

  8. Tell me about your hobbies?

  9. What do you do in your free time?

  10. Why did you decide to go through recruitment?

  11. Did anyone in your family ever go through Greek life?

  12. Tell me about your friends?

  13. What do y’all like to do in y’alls free time?

  14. Tell me about your best friend?

  15. What qualities do you like about your best friend?

  16. How did y'all meet?

  17. Are you from in-state or out of state?

  18. What are you looking for in a sisterhood?

  19. What are you looking for in a sister?

  20. What are you looking for in a sorority?

  21. Where are you living this year? On-campus/ off-campus?

  22. What classes are you taking?

  23. What kind of community service have you done?

  24. What were you involved in high school?

  25. What is your favorite Movie TV show Color Sports Sports team

  26. What did you do this summer?

  27. Did you travel anywhere?

  28. Upperclassman: why did you decide to go through this year?

  29. How many more years will you be in school?

  30. What are you most excited about this year?

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