23 Things I have learned In 23 Years

This post is long overdue. My birthday was 12 days ago and I have finally finished thinking and revising this post. I am in a completely different place in my life than I was last year. I am not big on birthdays but It does give me a day to just reflect on where I was exactly a year ago or even ten years ago. Life is short and I know now that my future depends on the habits and thoughts I curate today, so here is everything that I have learned in the past 23 years of living:

  1. Sunscreen is your best friend As I have gotten older, I have become a lot more concerned about my skin looking its best verse my makeup looking flawless. Cancer runs on both sides of my family and, if I can prevent skin cancer by adding a couple of steps to my morning routine then I will.

  2. Exercising consistently is cheaper than a therapist Therapists are great, I have been to therapy in the past myself and would highly recommend it however, exercising every other day has helped me mentaly tremendously as well. It has kept me motivated, active, healthier, and just feeling good all around.

  3. Feeling gratitude for every single aspect of your life will change your life Today I am living and own things I once wished for. Being thankful will make you so much appreciate all the little things and life.

  4. It is okay to not be okay every day all-day Trust me, I am not happy all the time and guess what it is called life. Some hurdles and bridges need to be crossed and that's perfectly normal

  5. Don't judge other peoples choices

  6. Talk less and listen more

  7. Patience is a master skill

  8. Parents will always have your back, through the thick and thin

  9. Siblings are annoying but the best confidants They have been by my side through the highest of highs and lowest of lows

  10. Family is not always blood

  11. Saying No is a full sentence

  12. You don't have to go to church to be religious

  13. Meditation is life-changing

  14. Reading a book a week is the teacher you always wanted

  15. Not everything will be taught in school There will things you learn at your job, by meeting new people or even by facing situations you never thought you would be in

  16. Investing in a few nice items is better than a lot of cheap items

  17. Clutter is chaos To the mind, health and your wallet

  18. Dental care is a must Over time I have started flossing, brushing my teeth twice, whitening my teeth, etc. and if you asked me two years ago I probably only did half of that...oops

  19. Don't worry too much about things you have no control over

  20. I have been sleeping on podcasts all these years

  21. You can never know too much Stay curious, it will help you grow as a person overall

  22. Life isn't perfect and neither am I

I am beyond excited to see what this year holds for me. Here is to being more confident, curious, and full of adventure.

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